Over 20 years of hard work with endless experiment, we created a mattress that suit for every individual.

Since the creation of the first spring mattress about 130 years ago, we have no choice but to tolerate the limitation of the traditional mattress. Which only provides a single firmness, resulting in excessive pressure on the hips but insufficient support for the lower back. Therefore, it is your body’s natural reaction to tossing and turning while you sleep in order to relieve this type of overloading.

DPM Sleep Solution is a group of professions in who wanted to make a change. Dr. David C.W. Hui (The DPM Founder)  has partnered up with osteopathy, chiropractic and physical therapy and many more to create a human-centred design with equal emphasis on comfort and health. Today, we redefine the concept of “healthy sleep” with our commitment to your 100% custom-fitted comfort.

Awards & Reputation

Gold Medal, International des Inventions de Genève 2015

Honourable Mention, China Deleegation Of Invention And Innovation

Gold Medal, International des Inventions de Genève 2002

Winner of the red dot design award in 2016

Recognised by The H.K.T.C.M. Orthopedic & Traumatic Association

Endorsed by The Centre for Allied Health Research, School of Physiotherapy of the University of South Australia