DPM® Mattress SPINE ULTRA 28

DPM® Mattress SPINE ULTRA 28

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Superior Knitted Fabric and Open Case® Design enables the top cover of the mattress to be removed, for dry cleaning to enhance the hygiene.

Airflex : material from Japan or Korea : with approximately 1,000 rectangular soft pad is surrounded by side channels to allow better circulation and ventilation

Patented Point-To-Point® design can be precisely configured to fit the user’s height, enabling more precise pressure relief and support to ensure better spinal posture

Couple-fit® Design : each of the left and right of the mattress can be configured separately, creating individualized comfort zones for couples and minimize the disturbance from the movement

The foundation is made of individual pocketed coils from Leggett & Platt offers uniform support

Open Case Design for easy maintenance

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