Edwin Chew, Top Fit Mattress Topper

After sleeping on DPM mattress for more than over a half year. When I was first introduced to it, I was not quite used to the floaty feel of the mattress.
Before that, I was using a Medium hard memory foam, anti decubitus mattress. It did help relieve the pressure on the bony areas of my body, in contact with the mattress. However, the pressure was not evenly distributed. Thus, resulting in my hips and shoulders sinking in more than the other parts of the body.
After prolonged use over time, probably about a good five years or so, the structure of the foam starts breaking down. The foam does not recover to its original shape after I get up from the bed.
Until about June 2017. I was recommended to this DPM mattress by a friend, who Is a beneficiary of this social program called “Happy Beds Movement”. It is a drive to help patients facing the issue of pain and pressure relief from the prolonged sleeping position.
This particular vendor visited me with a set of DPM mattress and a set of electronic gadgets to map out the pressure distribution in my sleep position. Unlike the usual mattresses, DPM consists of customizable modules with different density and firmness, to conform to different body contour.
After some adjustments, they found the best configuration for my case. After a few days trial, I got used to the floatiness and found that It effectively relieve the pressure on my hips and shoulders while gave my back a better support instead of the whole body sinking in. It accustomed to the difference in the pressure on different parts of the body. and it is significantly cooler to sleep on. It delivers the promised quality of sleep as expected.


Garrick Gan, RS30

While my wife and I were shopping for a bed for our new place, I had the opportunity to meet Consultant Jeffrey at JEM a few weeks ago. Instead of being asked to try all the beds at Robinsons, he took some of our measurements and made some recommendations that initially didn’t mean much.
However, after customizing certain portions of the mattress, we were astonished to feel the difference a customized bed can offer.
He didn’t end with explaining about the mattress, he went further to explain the importance of a complementing pillow.
By this time, we looked no further and wanted him to take our money for the bed and pillow that he has customized. There’s finally another thing to look forward to at home now.


Fu Zitan, Pro Soft Pillow

I bought the DPM Pro Soft Pillow about 2 weeks ago. As a start, it was quite uncomfortable for me for the first two night. You need to adapt and adjust to the new pillow where the shape and level of comfort is kind of different from the norm. It is a customised pillow where you can adjust the height and comes with a removable pad in the center of the pillow to suit your needs. I removed the pad for a better neck support. You will have to go through a simple screening test by DPM where the application is able to advise you the type of pillow you need such as the height and the texture of the pillow. It was through this test that convinced me to buy a customised pillow to improve my sleeping posture for my neck and head. It works well for me after 2 days and also I feel that my neck posture has further improved. The pricing of the pillow is reasonable too.