Pro Pillow

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Pro Pillow

DPM® Pro Pillow has combined back and side sleeping into one award winning pillow. Featuring a specially designed middle for back sleeping and raised side sections for side sleeping to maintain optimal spinal alignment during sleep in either position.

Note: Adjuster/s are sold separately. 

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  • Back and Side sleeping sections: DPM®’s patented pillow features specially designed support in the middle to cradle your head and neck when sleeping on your back, with raised side sections to maintain spine alignment when you roll onto your side.

  • Two neck support lengths at front and back edge, allows you to select the length best suited to your neck length to provide ultimate posture and spinal support.

  • The central pad can be removed or placed in various positions to provide personalised support and comfort.

  • Adjusters: Adding these to the DPM® Pro Pillow enables various height combinations to create a customized support pillow for side sleeping.

  • Fabric is treated with HealthGuard technology to inhibit the growth of dust mites and bacteria for healthy and hygienic sleep.  

  • Won a Gold Medal at International Inventions Geneva for "Innovation and technological contribution to better sleep and well being".



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Offering two different levels of support to accommodate different sleeping positions, the pillows also come in two widths to provide a gentle, perfectly fitted neck support. Our innovative DPM® Pillow Selector uses advanced technology to measure your neck curvature and shoulder width index and help you find the ideal pillow from dozens of different size combinations.