Tea Tree Side Sleeper

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Tea Tree Side Sleeper

DPM® understands the unique needs of side sleepers. The sides of the pillow are set at a slightly higher level to match the width of your shoulders when you turn on your side, keeping your neck and spine aligned for optimum support and comfort. Made from premium imported velvet and infused with tea tree essence, the DPM® Tea Tree Side Sleeper features antibacterial properties for a better night’s sleep.

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  • This unique contour pillow is designed to adapt and take shape around your head and neck to give ultimate support, whilst providing natural alignment of the spine when sleeping on your side and back.  

  • The centre section is lower for back sleeping with the sides slightly raised to support your neck when you sleep on your side.

  • DPM®’s patented pillow design features a specially designed support in the middle to cradle your head and neck when sleeping on your back. The side sections are at least 2.5cm higher and offer a choice of three selectable heights to keep your neck and spine perfectly aligned.

  • Treated with HealthGuard technology to inhibit the growth of dust mites and bacteria for a healthy and hygienic sleep. Great for Asthma sufferers!

  • Premium velvet imported from the Netherlands.

  • Infused with tea tree oil that offers natural antibacterial properties for extra relaxation.

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