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What Makes DPM So Special?

What Makes DPM So Special?

DPM™ Mattresses and Pillows are 100% custom fit.

With its patented Point-to-Point® Relief System, DPM™ is able to systematically configure its mattress to fit a user’s height, weight and sleeping posture such that all pressure points can be relieved. Using our proprietary POINT-TO-POINT® sensor, we are able to detect the pressure points of the body and customized the mattress to suit the user. ON THE SPOT!

DPM Mattress

The Point-to-Point® mattress is comprised of multiple units of different firmness which can be configured for your body to the nearest inch by placing the softer units directly under your hips and shoulders. The results? A perfect night's sleep.

DPM Mattress
Point-To-Point® Sensor Understands your needs and wants

Point-To-Point® Sensor Understands your needs and wants

The DPM™ advanced "Point-To-Point® sensor" can quickly detect your body pressure distribution while you sleep, using an objective and comprehensive analysis of the scientific data which shows the support and pressure point for your body, as well as your personal sleep behavior and determines the perfect mattress comfort index for you.

The DPM™ Relief System is based on science and gives you a custom-fitted Point-To-Point® mattress that knows you better than you know yourself. 

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Soft, Medium, or Firm?

Point-To-Point® Pillow

Fully customizable Point-To-Point® support for a deep, restful sleep. DPM®'s patented pillow design features a specially designed support in the middle to cradle your head and neck when sleeping on your back. The side sections are at least 2.5cm higher and offers a choice of three selectable heights to keep your neck and spine perfectly aligned.

Point-To-Point® Pillow
Find your perfect pillow today!

Find your perfect pillow today!

In order to help you to find the most custom fit pillow, our DR pillow® App can measure your shoulder width and neck curvature to help you find the correct sized pillow within 30 seconds.


A customizable sleeping need for everyone

Always had sleeping issue and been going to fix my neck with Sinseh due to sleeping posture

Brendan Seah

Love that it's customizable

Love that the two halves of DPM mattress can be configured separately based on our individual needs

Sherelynn Lim

Impressed by the customer service!

Very impressed by her customer service!

Ho Simin

Kind of fixed my backache!

It kind of fixed my backaches

Shuxian Wang

The importance of a complementing pillow.

There's finally another thing to look forward to at home now.

Garrick Davis Gan