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Point-To-Point® Sleep Solution

Everyone’s body has a different curvature, yet traditional mattresses provide only a single level of firmness throughout, resulting in excessive pressure on the Over-pressured Areas (shoulder, hips) and insufficient support for the Under-Supported Areas (neck and lower back) of the 4 “Critical Contact Areas” for most people when sleeping.

Point-to-Point® Relief System

The Core Technology  Embedded In The Mattress

The Point-To-Point® Relief System, EU and US invention patent, can be precisely configured to fit your height, weight and sleeping position to provide ultimate comfort where you want it and perfect support where you need it.

The Point-to-Point® Relief System can be precisely configured, as it uses materials of various firmness, resulting in a vast combination of configurations that can cater to the individual body structure of every user. These configurations create numerous relief and support functions that cater to the individual needs and size changes by moving or replacing the Point-to-Point relief modules.

Point-to-Point® Sensor

Understands your needs and wants

The DPM™ advanced "Point-To-Point® Sensor", can quickly detect your body pressure distribution while you sleep by using an objective and comprehensive analysis of the scientific data which shows the support and pressure points of your body as well as your personal sleep behaviour, and determines the perfect mattress comfort index for you.

The DPM™ Relief System is based on science and gives you a custom-fitted Point-To-Point® mattress that knows you better than you know yourself.


Figure 1
The Point-to-Point® Pressure Sensor System illustrates that when using a traditional spring mattress, the user’s body weight is overly concentrated on the shoulders and hip area, resulting in two critical pressure points, while leaving the lower back unsupported.

Figure 2
Using the DPM™ Point-to-Point® Mattress, the pressure distribution on the user’s body has significantly improved.

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Uniform Firmness

Everyone's body has a different spinal curvature, yet traditional mattresses only provide uniform firmness, resulting in excessive pressure on the shoulders and hips with insufficient support for the lower back.

p2p three column image 1

Advanced Point-to-Point® Sensor

The advanced Point-to-Point® Sensor can qualitatively illustrate the pressure on your body. Using scientific data, we can accurately configure the perfect mattress for you.

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Pont-to-Point® Relief System

The patented Point-to-Point® Relief System can be precisely configured to fit the user’s height and weight enabling more precise Point-to-Point® pressure relief and support to ensure better spinal posture.


The patented Point-to-Point® Relief System can be configured to fit the user’s height. This allows the DPM™ Point-to-Point® mattress to correspond to the growing bodies of children and teenagers, providing them with the necessary support.

CoupleFit® Design

When a couple is looking for a quality mattress, who makes the final decision? Our double DPM™ Point-to-Point® Mattress solves the problem. Each half of the mattress can be configured separately, creating individual body contouring and a personalised comfort zone for each partner on their own side of the mattress.

Couplefit image

Open Case® Design

The Open-case® design of the Point-To-Point® Relief System means that you can easily remove the pressure relief modules to clean the interior thus creating a clean and dust free sleeping environment.

Couplefit image
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Point-To-Point® Pillow

Your Pillow - The Secret To Good Health

Have you frequently woken up in the middle of the night, feeling uncomfortable from tossing and turning? When sleeping, we have to support the spine in two different ways: on the back and on the side.

Well Designed for Side and Back Sleeper

The pillow is divided into 3 sections. The center is for sleeping on the back. When you turn on your side, your head will automatically rest on one of the side sleeping sections.

Adjusters Tailored to your Dimension

The ultimate support for your head, neck and shoulders. Contoured for a more relaxing, healthy and restful sleep. The Variable Height technology allows choosing the right height to fit your shoulder width. Designed for back and side sleepers.

pro pillow image 2