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DPM® Limited Warranty

Thank you and congratulations on choosing DPM®. You have joined our growing number of owners
who are amazed by the comfort and pressure-relieving benefits of DPM®.

Nothing feels, supports or adapts to your body like our DPM® mattress. The quality and craftsmanship that are built into
every DPM® mattress allows us to offer a 10-year limited warranty against defects. 

For the first to third year, free replacement of individual module of the supporting or pressure point blocks that indicate impression or sagging of more than 1.0”.

For the fourth and subsequent years, $50 will be charged for each piece of the supporting unit or pressure relieving block replaced, or
$250 for the entire set (8 pieces).

1. Proof of purchase with date, place of purchase and purchase price is required to obtain service under this warranty. Model name label and production label must be available to identify the bedding and validate this warranty.

2. The customer may take up to 30 days of sleeping on the new mattress to become fully accustomed to the support and comfort.

3. During the Mattress Warranty Period, the Product will be repaired or have parts replaced at Manufacturer’s absolute discretion. Manufacturer may charge for the transport, delivery or handling charges incurred in inspecting the Product at your premises, as well as transporting the Product to and fro Manufacturer’s factory.

4. In the event of replacement, the Manufacturer shall endeavour to provide a replacement product from the same line. However, if the product line has been discontinued or the product is otherwise not available, the Manufacturer reserves the right to provide a replacement product that, in the Manufacturer’s sole discretion, is similar to the defective product.

5. The Limited Warranty provides cover from the date of purchase (or the date of delivery) of the original product. It is not renewed on the provision of a repaired or replaced product. In these circumstances, the Limited Warranty will run for the remainder of the period starting from the original purchase or delivery date, as applicable.

6. Manufacturer shall not be liable for any loss of use or loss of profit or consequential loss or damage incurred as a result of the repairs to the product.

7. DPM® Sleep Solution Limited reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions of the final amendment. 

8. In case of any dispute, DPM® Sleep Solution Limited reserves the right to make the final decision. 

  • The online registration is not sent to Manufacturer within 14 days from the date of delivery.
  • Notice of defects in workmanship is not given to Manufacturer within 30 days of delivery date.
  • The product has been purchased used, second hand or from anyone other than an authorised retailer or directly from the Manufacturer.
  • The product has been damaged as a result of neglect, cuts, burns, flooding or any other improper use.
  • The defect is caused as a result of the product having been bent, squeezed or leaving it standing on its side for a period of time causing the material to tear or permanently deform.
  • The product has been wet or soaked against Manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • The product is found to be very stained, soiled and/or otherwise unhygienic.
  • The product has been altered or repaired without the Manufacturer’s prior permission.
  • The defect is the result of normal wear and tear.
  • The zipper of the cover is faulty unless the fault was reported upon receipt of product.
  • The Product had not been purchased by the original purchaser for own use but for hire sale or commercial purposes
  • The Product is sold “as-is”, “display or floor model” or sold without warranty as agreed between customer and sales person.
  • Mattress impressions or sagging of 1.0” or less.
  • Mattress size that is within the ±2cm tolerance level in width and length.
  • Cover (fabric), bent border / grid wires