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DPM®'s unique custom-fitted mattresses are designed to fit your individual measurements, creating the perfect combination of support for a superior night's sleep. The Kensington matches premium individual coils with the finest silk for a luxurious sleep experience. Innovative design, combined with state-of-the-art quality and craftsmanship for an unbeatable night's sleep.


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Certified premium quality: Top exterior cover features high quality materials, the finest Belgian craftsmanship, premium design and modern styling.

Infused with Swiss Sanitized treatment Actifresh to inhibit the growth of bacteria and dust mite.

Top layer of Natural Latex provides superior comfort and air ventilation.

"Intense" Technology to reduce static electricity that can affect the health of the body.

Euro Top of Pure Silk to provide luxurious comfort, and enhance moisture absorption

Natural Fibre Layer to enhance moisture absorption and reduce the growth of dust.

Microcoils: Designed for comfort. The lighter wire provides a softer and luxurious feel.

Patented Point-To-Point® design can be precisely configured to fit the user's height and weight thus enabling more precise pressure relief and support for better spinal posture.

Couple-Fit® Design: Each of the left and right sides of the mattress can be configured separately, creating individualized comfort zones for couples and minimising the disturbance from movement thus resulting in better quality sleep.

Foam Encasing offers better support and durability.

The foundation, made of Individual Pocketed Coils from Leggett & Platt, offers quality and uniform support.

Open Case® Design for easy maintenance.

Kensington Room





A revolutionary breakthrough in mattress technology, the patented Point-To-Point® mattress can substantially reduce pressure at the "Over-pressured Area" thus enhancing support and relief for better sleep quality.


The Point-To-Point® Relief System can be precisely configured, as it uses modules of various firmness. Changing the placement of the different modules results in a vast combination of unique configurations for every individual body structure thus providing great relief and support to the individual needs.