Point-to-Point Pillow

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Point-to-Point Pillow

DPM®’s patented Point-to-Point pillow features a specially designed support in the middle to cradle your head and neck when sleeping on your back. The side sections are at least 2.5cm higher, and offer a choice of three selectable heights to keep your neck and spine perfectly aligned.

Note: Adjusters are sold separately 

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An innovative, scientifically designed pillow with Variable Height Technology that allows it to be fully customised to provide you with the best fit, support and comfort for back and side sleeping.

Correct support for back and side sleeping promotes neutral alignment of the spine to assist in minimising and preventing neck pain, headaches and snoring.

This pillow has a unique, repositionable oval shaped pad that can be removed or placed in various positions to suit different size and shaped heads.

The pillow is designed with the centre to cradle your head for back sleeping and raised sides to support the head when side sleeping.

It has two neck support lengths, short and long at front and back of the pillow, allowing you to select the option suited to your neck length.

The cover is treated with HealthGuard™ anti dust mite, mould and bacterial technology for a hygienic and healthy sleep.

Care Instructions - Spot clean with a damp cloth and dry away from direct heat and sun.



Comes with 2 full length height adjuster pads, 1 x 1.2cm and 1 x 2.5cm.

By adding or removing these adjuster/s, the height can be easily tailored to suit your shoulder width.

Available in 3 Profiles (pillow heights):

Low Profile - 60 x 34 x 8.2cm 

  • with no height adjusters suitable for back sleepers.
  • with/without adjusters suitable for side sleeper with small body frame.

Medium Profile - 60 x 34 x 9.5cm 

  • with/without adjuster/s suitable for side sleeper with medium body frame.

High Profile - 60 x 34 x 10.8cm

  • with/without adjuster/s suitable for side sleeper with large body frame.



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 Offering two different levels of support to accommodate different sleeping positions, the pillows also come in two widths to provide a gentle, perfectly fitted neck support. Our innovative DPM® Pillow Selector uses advanced technology to measure your neck curvature and shoulder-width index, to help you find the ideal pillow from dozens of different size combinations.